UV and Optical Additives
UV Absorbers, Optical Brighteners, UV Detection Additives for Plastics, Security Marking and Formulation Applications

Addi-Tec Add Sorb UV – range includes UV absorbers as well as hindered amine light stabilisers (HALS) and hindered phenolic anti-oxidants with a variety of applications in stabilizing plastics, polymers, resins and preserving the original appearance of moulded articles and fibres.

Addi-Tec Add Bright – range includes optical brightening agents used as fluorescent whitening agents for paper, plastics, fabrics and home care products. We can supply both liquid and powder grades. Add Bright product types include stilbene based brighteners for detergent applications and distrylbiphenyl based brighteners for low temperature detergent applications ….

Addi-Tec Add UV Marker – range includes UV - fluorescent pigment/preparations for marking and coding purposes. Used extensively for security marking in both aqueous and non aqueous application areas. Add UV Markers are fluorescent oxazinone pigment dispersions and powders used in the printing and coatings industry. When placed under UV light luminesces green.

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