Textile and Formulation Additives
Speciality Chemicals for the Textile and Formulation Market

Our Addi-Tec active ingredients allow for the development and formulation of household products that can refresh the functional properties of textile goods or add distinctive features such as water repellency, hygienic finish or soft handle.

Our range includes:

  • Add Soft – fabric softeners and anti-static products these include cold water soluble powders and liquids. (Cationic and non-ionic.)
  • Add Repel – Oil and Water repellents based on C6 fluorochemicals, Silicone, Wax dispersions and Silane Chemistry.
  • Add Flam – Flame retardants for plastics, coating and fabric treatments. The range includes organic and inorganic salt based flame retardants for cellulosic fabrics and organic phosphorous compounds for synthetic fabrics.
  • Add Fix – synthetic resins and self cross linking vinyl acetate polymers for stiffening textile substrates, binding additives to surfaces.
  • Add Sil – Silicone emulsions, nano emulsions and silicone oils, for use in textile and industrial applications.
  • Add Sperse – a wide range of dispersing agents, dispersions, detergent builders and for industrial, water treatment, detergent and textile applications.
  • Add Thickener – Acrylic, surfactant and polymer thickeners for all industrial applications.

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