Antimicrobial Additives
Antimicrobial additives for the plastics, coating and geo-textile markets
Addi-Tec is the UK agent for Sanitized ® supplying Antimicrobial Additives into the Plastic, Coatings and Geo Textile Markets. We selected SANITIZED as a company to work with because their products and services are second to none, they offer: a fantastic product range, brilliant regulatory and technical support, as well as testing, and superb marketing and branding assistance. So working with Addi-Tec and SANITIZED provides our customers with much more than just a product, you get the full service, reassurance and help to market the features of this product. Full details of Sanitized ® AG can be found by following the links below.

A wide range of products and chemical actives are available including -

  • Sanitized® products for Polymers
  • Sanitized® products for Geo Textiles

Sanitized ® product range utilizes a variety of different antimicrobial active substances including

  • Silver Technology
  • Zinc Pyrithion
  • Folpet
  • Isothiazolone
  • Cationic Silane
  • Thiabendazol

These actives are available in various physical forms including powders, liquids, aqueous and non aqueous dispersions and Masterbatch.

Sanitized ® products offer antimicrobial effects in Polymers and Geo Textiles, the versatile active ingredients and delivery forms offer an optimal solution for articles and processes. Sanitized® have full antimicrobial laboratory testing facilities and will check the effectiveness of your treated articles according to internationally recognized standards. The Sanitized® ingredient brand can offer added value to your products and license agreements are available to help you gain a competitive market advantage.

How to use Sanitized® antimicrobial hygiene function from Sanitized on Vimeo.

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