About Us

About Addi-Tec

By accessing high quality products from leading producers of Performance Chemicals and utilising extensive in-house expertise in formulation as problem solving, Addi-tec aims to be the Additive supplier of choice to the Paint, Coating, Plastic Processing, Textile and Formulator Industries.

Our areas of expertise and supply cover the following areas

  • Supply of Antimicrobial Additives for the Plastics, Coatings and Geo Textile industries. Addi-tec are the UK agent for Sanitized ® AG.
  • Colourants for Industrial Applications ranging from Textile, Detergent and Crop Protection.
  • Optical Brighteners, UV Absorbers and UV Security Markers for the Plastic, Coating and Detergent Markets.
  • Speciality Textile Chemicals for the Textile and Formulation Markets including Oil and Water Repellents, Flame Retardants, Fabric Softeners, Anti-static Agents.
  • Speciality Additives for the Formulation Markets including Corrosion Inhibitors, Thickeners, Wax Emulsions and Surfactants.
  • Process additives for the plastic, PVC plastisol and coating industries, including fillers, lubricants, antistatic agents, UV absorbers and Rheology modifiers.

With the backing of our partners and our own technical resources, Addi-Tec is ideally placed to assist you in overcoming technical problems and achieving long term improvement and commercial benefit.