What is BPR Article 58?
What is BPR Article 58?

Article 58 is the topic you’ll find has been the most talked about by brands regarding the BPR. In fact, it’s so important for brands to know that we’ve going to include the whole text in our free eBook which you can download via the link at the bottom of this blog.

Article 58 states that you may only place on the market a treated product which complies with BPR, and that these products must be clearly labelled to detail the biocidal product(s) that have been used. 

It applies to any product that has been treated with a biocide in order to impart a biocidal quality on that product. Eg: a mould killer bathroom spray is a biocidal product - not a treated product, a mattress which has antibacterial qualities thanks to fabric treated with a biocide specifically to prevent microbial growth - this is a treated product.

This is big news for marketing teams, not only are you going to want to make sure that your product complies with the BPR in respect to the biocide used, but you have to ensure you’re marketing it correctly, according to Article 58.

Labelling A Product According To Article 58

One of the requirements clearly stated in Article 58 is that you must label products containing a biocide. Of course, adding a clear label stating the biocidal products have been used to provide the biocidal qualities of your product can present a marketing challenge. 

The BPR is not widely known in the public, and it’s unlikely to make the headlines, so knowledge about the regulation will be limited. It won’t be obvious to your customers why you have added additional labelling information. What will be highlighted is the use of a chemical substance, but to many consumers ‘chemicals’ are something to be avoided due to the common misconception that all chemicals are bad.

So our advice is, be as transparent as possible. Follow the advice in our eBook to provide fully compliant labelling and information. State that you are adding the additional labelling as part of your necessary compliance with BPR and give your customers the tools they need to learn more about the biocides you use, why you use them and general information about what the BPR is.

You can do this many ways, you can encourage any concerned customers to consult a page on your website detailing more about BPR and the biocidal products you have chosen to use. You might provide a leaflet inside your packaging, or you can offer additional information by phone/post. Be sure to educate your marketing and customer service teams so that they feel confident to answer all questions about biocides and the BPR correctly.

You can use BPR compliance to your advantage, the best way is to talk about it. Consider creating a campaign announcing what biocide you’re using, why you’re updating your packaging to reflect this and why BPR compliance is an important step for your company as well as human, animal and environmental safety. You may well have competitors who aren’t as quick off the mark to promote this important USP, so take advantage while you can.

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The BPR isn’t widely known about yet, and brands are playing catch-up in terms of compliance. Penalties are strict, so be sure to learn as much as you can about the BPR and begin working towards compliance as quickly as possible.

We’ve written a free eBook in conjunction with a specialised legal team and we’ve put the BPR into plain English for you. In this eBook you’ll find the full Article 58 text, helpful examples of compliant product labelling, and links to various websites that will help you with your next steps, should you need to take any.

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And remember, Addi-Tec are here to help you achieve compliance. We can help with re-formulation, product sourcing and regulatory advice. Contact us by any of the methods on our contact page to arrange a meeting.